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Interim Director



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Temporary Full Time

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2021/02/02 14:30

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The Interim Director will report to the CEO in the interim (until a new VP is recruited), and is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the operations of Ambulatory Care, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy Services, Rehabilitation and E-wing and Professional Practice. This role is focused on the following outcomes:
  • Ensures a mutually respectful and effective relationship with other Directors to develop and communicate the organization’s strategic direction and its key strategic priorities supported by its physicians/staff, its Foundation and the community it serves.
  • Works with the Senior Team in establishing the organization’s culture to drive operational excellence and patient centered care through physician / staff engagement, patient / staff safety and continuous quality improvement.
  • Fosters collaborative relationships, partnerships to advance system approaches to care with appropriate agencies and organizations to advance care within its community, the Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team and other provincial health care networks.
  • Provides the best possible patient experience and quality of care within the portfolio.
  • Administers in a manner that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial and human resources of the organization and within the portfolio.
Duties Include:
  • Plans the number and level of personnel needed to provide quality patient care, adjusts staffing and budgets appropriately.
  • Plans the requirements for recruitment, promotion and dismissal of personnel in consultation with other Program Directors and Human Resources.
  • Plans the delivery of patient care on the unit(s) and identifies problems and any need for improvements.
  • Conducts rounds and assesses overall operations of the unit(s)
  • Assures the organizational approach that is focused and facilitates team collaboration and continuance of the Inter-professional Model of Care.
  • Plans the budget for the units based upon patient acuity, activity, objectives and other workload measures and, once approved, administers same. Reviews the budget performance on a monthly basis.
  • Participates with personnel in the development of written philosophy, objectives and standards compatible with the vision, values and mission of the Corporation.
  • Sets plan for personal objectives.
  • Participates in the development of position descriptions, work assignments and schedules.
  • Promotes ways to solve problems and make improvements in the delivery of patient care.
  • Assures completion of charting of all patient care and service to ensure legal practice, safe care and maintenance of the confidentiality of the content of patient records.
  • Implements activities that assure promotion of the Quality Services Risk Program.
  • Participates in the on-call responsibilities for the organization as assigned.
  • Accountable for Employee Performance Appraisals of individual staff members and follows up on objectives.
  • Promotes the Corporate objectives.
  • Assess and identify challenges within the department and develops and implements strategies for improvement.
  • Ensures that Standards are implemented and monitored.
  • Accountable for delivery of quality patient care.
  • Leads by example by following hospital protocol in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Acts rapidly and effectively, follows hospital policies and procedures in any emergency situation, and utilizes principles of management in any emergency situation.
  • Promotes harmonious relationships and favourable attitudes among the health care team.
  • Interprets, supports, and recommends policies and procedures for employees, and ensures compliance. Applies knowledge and skills of management.
  • Keeps the VP, Patient Experience, Health Integration, and Chief Nursing and Health Disciplines Executive informed on reportable situations and unit needs.
  • Assists with Chart Audits.
  • Serves as a resource in technical and professional matters for personnel.
  • Participates and contributes to the organization of Quality Service and Risk Program.
  • Participates in Infection Control Committee activities.
  • Participates in the provision of in-service education programs related to appropriate units.
  • Ensures the control and safekeeping of drugs and appropriate recording.
  • Continually evaluates the Standards by reviewing care plans, assessing patients, reviewing charts, interviewing, observing, participating in Quality Service/Risk activities, and employing other means of evaluation. Revises standards as appropriate in collaboration with the Chief Nursing Executive.
  • Evaluates personal objectives and determines need for revision and new objectives.
  • Evaluates activities to improve operation of the department and evaluates the effectiveness of problem-solving techniques and approaches.
  • Evaluates the achievement of the department's objectives in collaboration with the VP, Patient Experience, Health Integration, and Chief Nursing and Health Disciplines Executive
  • Develops, reviews and revises policies and procedures for the respective units on an annual basis with approval of the VP, Patient Experience, Health Integration, and Chief Nursing and Health Disciplines Executive.
  • Evaluates orientation policies and procedures and recommends revisions.
  • Evaluates emergency and any hospital disaster plans and recommends revisions in policies and procedures.
  • Evaluates in-service education programs.
  • Evaluates new developments and technological changes and evolving needs of patients and community.
  • Evaluates appropriate opportunities for participation in research or projects desirable and appropriate for the Corporation.
  • Monitors actual expenses to budget and explains any variances.
  • Participates in patient safety initiatives and takes action to address unsafe conditions and procedures to ensure a healthy and safe environment.
The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications:
  • Regulated health professional with a minimum of a Baccalaureate is required.
  • Completion of Master's degree in relevant field is preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years of hands-on management experience in a hospital setting where you have demonstrated prowess in managing the interpersonal and fiscal challenges of a highly demanding clinical setting.
  • Possess strong and effective communication and team-building skills and use them successfully to motivate and engage staff.
  • Experienced in the LEAN philosophy and have a proven track record of generating continuous improvement in your clinical area.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Employer responsibilities in accordance with the applicable collective agreements.
  • Experience at forging partnerships with stakeholders from across the spectrum of health care enables you to see the “big picture” and anticipate opportunities that continually lead to best-in-class patient care.

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The duration of this position is approximately six (6) months.

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