CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
032-21Temporary Part-time Registered Nurse (Emergency)N/A
095-21Registered Nurse, Temp Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
165-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (CCC/Pall/Rehab)N/A
177-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (ICU)N/A
204-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2, ICUN/A
206-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
249-21Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
261-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2, ICUN/A
267-21Registered Nurse, Temp Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
278-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
296-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2, ICUN/A
297-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (ICU)N/A
314-21Registered Nurse - Full Time (Float Pool)N/A
315-21Registered Nurse - Part Time (Float Pool)N/A
316-21Registered Nurse - Casual (ICU)N/A
317-21Registered Nurse (F-Wing Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
320-21Registered Nurse, Casual (Obstetrics)N/A
322-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
330-21Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
353-21Registered Practical Nurse, Temp Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
359-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part Time Level 2, EmergencyN/A
360-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part-TimeN/A
361-21Registered Nurse, Part-TimeN/A
374-21Casual Registered Nurse (SADV)N/A
384-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (Obstetrics)N/A
385-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (Obstetrics)N/A
397-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Full TimeN/A
398-21Registered Nurse, Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
404-21Registered Nurse, Casual (PACU)N/A
409-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (CCC/Pall/Rehab)N/A
424-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (OR)N/A
434-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
435-20Part-time Registered Practical Nurse (Telemedicine)N/A
435-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
438-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
440-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2, EmergencyN/A
441-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
445-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part Time (Diabetes Education)N/A
452-21Registered Practical Nurse, Part Time (Obstetrics)N/A
457-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (Obstetrics)N/A
473-21Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
476-21Registered Nurse (Dialysis), Temporary Part-timeN/A
477-21Registered Nurse, Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
479-21Registered Nurse, Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
480-21Temporary Full Time Registered Nurse (Emergency)N/A
485-21Registered Practical Nurse, Temp Part Time (OR)N/A
493-21Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
495-21Registered Nurse, Full Time (OR)N/A
516-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (OR)N/A
522-21Registered Nurse, Full Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
523-21Registered Nurse, Temporary Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
532-21Clinical Extern, Temporary Part TimeN/A
551-21Registered Practical Nurse, Part Time (F-Wing Acute Medicine/Telemetry)N/A
554-21Registered Nurse, Full Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
562-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (ICU)N/A
563-21Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
564-21Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (CCC/Pall/Rehab)N/A
566-21Registered Nurse, Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A



CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
063-21HVAC MechanicN/A
143-21Registered Technologist (Ultrasound) Temporary Part-timeN/A
263-21Pharmacy Technician, Temporary Part-timeN/A
286-21Personal Support Worker, Temp Part Time (CCC/Palliative/Rehab)N/A
294-21Senior Decision Support Analyst, Full TimeN/A
295-21Physiotherapist, CasualN/A
310-21Professional Practice Coordinator, Full TimeN/A
340-21Hospital Service CoordinatorN/A
356-21Occupational TherapistN/A
357-21Pharmacy Technician, Temporary Full-TimeN/A
358-21Pharmacy Technician, Part TimeN/A
364-21Electrician, Temporary Full TimeN/A
387-21Hospital Service CoordinatorN/A
391-21Registered Technologist (Ultrasound) Full-timeN/A
405-21Pharmacy Technician, CasualN/A
406-21Pharmacy Technician, CasualN/A
407-21Respiratory Therapist, Part TimeN/A
426-21Hospital Service CoordinatorN/A
432-21Part-time Laboratory TechnologistN/A
443-21Ward Clerk, Temporary Part Time (Ambulatory Care)N/A
447-21Respiratory Therapist (Casual)N/A
448-21Respiratory Therapist (Casual)N/A
455-21Ward Clerk, Temp Full Time, E-WingN/A
456-21Ward Clerk, Temp Part Time, (F-Wing/ICU)N/A
459-21Program Director, Medicine ProgramN/A
460-21Program Director, Surgical Services, Obstetrics, Ambulatory Care ProgramsN/A
462-21Registration Clerk, CasualN/A
464-21Laboratory Assistant N/A
465-21Ward Clerk, Temp Part Time, (F-Wing/ICU)N/A
466-21Personal Support Worker, Temporary Part Time (CCC/Palliative/Rehab)N/A
468-21Program Director, Interprofessional Practice, Quality & Risk, and Clinical Support ProgramsN/A
474-21Systems AdministratorN/A
483-21Ward Clerk, Temporary Full Time N/A
484-21Registration ClerkN/A
486-21Registered Technologist (Ultrasound) Part-TimeN/A
487-21CT Technologist - Part TimeN/A
488-21Part-time Laboratory TechnologistN/A
497-21Personal Support Worker, Temp Full Time (CCC/Palliative/Rehab)N/A
498-21Multi-Skilled Worker, Temp Full Time (OR)N/A
499-21Manager, Surgical ServicesN/A
500-21Manager, Human ResourcesN/A
506-21Registration Clerk, Temporary Part TimeN/A
507-21Switchboard Operator, CasualN/A
508-21Manager, Complex Continuing Care, Palliative Care, and Allied HealthN/A
509-21Senior Financial Analyst, Full TimeN/A
519-21Aide, Temp Part Time, HousekeepingN/A
520-21Aide, Temp Part Time, HousekeepingN/A
526-21Aide, Temp Full TimeN/A
527-21Respiratory Therapist - CasualN/A
528-21Respiratory Therapist - CasualN/A
530-21Pharmacy Technician, Temporary Part TimeN/A
531-21Pharmacy Technician, Temporary Part-timeN/A
533-21Pharmacy Technician, CasualN/A
536-21Ward Clerk, Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
537-21Aide, Temp Part Time, HousekeepingN/A
538-21Porter, Temp Part Time, HousekeepingN/A
539-21Aide, Temp Part Time, HousekeepingN/A
541-21Advanced Care Paramedic, Full TimeN/A
542-21Physio/Occupational Therapy Assistant, Temp Part TimeN/A
543-21Ward Clerk, Part Time (OR)N/A
544-21Talent Aquisition SpecialistN/A
545-21Switchboard Operator, Part TimeN/A
546-21Switchboard Operator, Part TimeN/A
547-21Registration Clerk, Part-timeN/A
552-21Personal Support Worker, Temp Full Time (Float)N/A
553-21Personal Support Worker, Temp Part Time (Float)N/A
555-21Ward Clerk, Temp Part Time, (F-Wing/ICU)N/A
557-21Part Time Laboratory TechnologistN/A
558-21LIS CoordinatorN/A
565-21Ward Clerk, Temp Part Time, (F-Wing/ICU)N/A

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