Hills of Headwaters Collaborative Ontario Health Team


CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
OHT-07Executive DirectorN/A
OHT-06Project ManagerN/A
OHT-05Administrative AssistantN/A



CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
355-22Registered Practical Nurse - Temp Full Time (Float Pool)N/A
353-22Registered Practical Nurse - Temp Part Time (Float Pool)N/A
348-22Registered Nurse - Temporary Part Time (Obstetrics)N/A
343-22Registered Practical Nurse - Temp Part Time (F-Wing Acute Medicine/Telemetry)N/A
342-22Registered Nurse - Casual (SADV)N/A
407-22Registered Nurse - Temporary Full Time, (Emergency)N/A
405-22Registered Practical Nurse - Temporary Full-Time (Emergency)N/A
339-22Registered Practical Nurse - Full Time (Float Pool)N/A
337-22Registered Nurse - Temporary Part Time (Dialysis)N/A
336-22Registered Nurse - Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
334-22Registered Practical Nurse - Temp Full Time (F-Wing Acute Medicine/Telemetry)N/A
324-22Registered Nurse - Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
318-22Registered Nurse - Temp Full Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
315-22Registered Nurse - Part Time (Emergency)N/A
313-22Clinical Educator - Full Time (Professional Practice – Medicine)N/A
309-22Registered Nurse - Part Time Level 2, DialysisN/A
285-22Registered Nurse - Casual (PACU)N/A
282-22Registered Nurse, Full Time (OR)N/A
281-22Registered Practical Nurse, Part Time (OR)N/A
276-22Registered Nurse, Part Time (OR)N/A
275-22Registered Nurse, Temp Part Time (OR)N/A
274-22Registered Nurse Temporary Full Time (Emergency)N/A
273-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2, ICUN/A
271-22Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
272-22Registered Nurse, Temp Full Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
270-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (Obstetrics)N/A
261-22Registered Nurse, Temp Part Time Level 2, EmergencyN/A
248-22Registered Nurse, Part Time (Obstetrics)N/A
245-22Registered Nurse, Temporary Full-Time (ICU)N/A
243-22Registered Nurse, Full-Time EmergencyN/A
235-22Registered Nurse, Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
233-22Registered Nurse, Temp Part Time (PACU)N/A
230-22Registered Nurse, Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
225-22Registered Nurse - Full Time (Med/Surg Float Pool)N/A
222-22Registered Nurse - Part Time (Med/Surg Float Pool)N/A
221-22Registered Nurse - Full Time (Med/Surg Float Pool)N/A
202-22Registered Nurse, Full-Time EmergencyN/A
192-22Registered Nurse, Part Time (OR)N/A
190-22Registered Nurse, Temporary Part Time (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
189-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (CCC/Pall/Rehab)N/A
174-22Registered Practical Nurse, Temp Part Time (OR)N/A
161-22Registered Nurse, Temp Full-Time (Paediatric/L&D- Dual)N/A
148-22Registered Nurse, Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
140-22Registered Nurse, Temp Part Time (Acute Care/Telemetry)N/A
122-22Registered Nurse, Full-Time (Emergency/Intensive Care Unit Float Pool)N/A
111-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (Med/Surg/Paeds)N/A
070-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (CCC/Pall/Rehab)N/A
069-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2 (Obstetrics)N/A
057-22Registered Nurse, Full-Time (Paediatric/L&D- Dual)N/A
175-22Registered Nurse, Part-Time EmergencyN/A
015-22Registered Nurse, Part Time Level 2N/A
009-22Registered Practical Nurse, Part Time (OR)N/A
681-21Registered Practical Nurse, Part Time (OR)N/A



CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
364-22Communications Specialist2022/09/16
363-22Senior Administrative Assistant and HR Projects CoordinatorN/A
360-22Maintenance Mechanic 1 - Temporary Full-time (Maintenance)N/A
359-22Physiotherapist - Part Time (Physiotherapy)N/A
358-22Physio/Occupational Therapy Assistant - Temporary Full Time (Physiotherapy)N/A
357-22Personal Support Worker - Temp Part Time (PSW Float Pool)N/A
356-22Ward Clerk - Casual (E-Wing)N/A
354-22Personal Support Worker - Temp Part Time (PSW Float Pool)N/A
352-22Personal Support Worker - Temp Full Time (PSW Float Pool)N/A
351-22Personal Support Worker - Part Time (CCC/Palliative/Rehab)N/A
350-22Laboratory Technologist - Part-time (Laboratory)N/A
346-22Health Informatics Analyst - Full-time (Decision Support)N/A
345-22Registered Technologist - Casual (Radiography)N/A
340-22Dietary Aide - Temporary Part-time (Food Services)N/A
404-22Cardiopulmonary Technologist - Casual (Ambulatory Care)N/A
402-22Senior Financial Analyst - Full Time (Finance)N/A
335-22Personal Support Worker - Temporary Part Time (Acute Medicine/Telemetry)N/A
283-22Personal Support Worker, Temporary Part Time (Acute Medicine/Telemetry)N/A
323-22Ultrasound Technologist - Part-time (Diagnostic Imaging)N/A
321-22Physician Assistant - Temporary Full Time (Emergency)N/A
317-22Respiratory Therapist - Casual (Respiratory Therapy)N/A
316-22Respiratory Therapist - Casual (Respiratory Therapy)N/A
311-22Laboratory Technologist - Temporary Part-time (Laboratory)N/A
305-22Multi-Skilled Worker - Temporary Part-Time (Float Pool)N/A
301-22Pharmacy Technician - Temporary Part-time (Pharmacy)N/A
300-22Pharmacy Technician - Casual (Pharmacy)N/A
299-22Hospital Service Coordinator - Perm Casual (HSC)N/A
296-22Mobile Crisis Response Team Crisis Specialist (MCRT) - Temp Part-Time (Emergency)N/A
295-22Mobile Crisis Response Team Crisis Specialist (MCRT) - Temp Full-Time (Emergency)N/A
291-22Pharmacist - Part-time (Pharmacy)N/A
288-22Personal Support Worker - Temp Full Time (Float)N/A
214-22Personal Support Worker, Temporary Full Time (CCC/Palliative/Rehab)N/A
258-22Orthopaedic Technician - Casual (Ambulatory Care)N/A
256-22Laboratory Technologist - Full-time (Laboratory)N/A
207-22Porter - Temporary Part-time (Housekeeping)N/A
206-22Aide - Temporary Part-time (Housekeeping)N/A
205-22Vice President, Patient Experience, Health Integration, Chief Nursing and Health Disciplines Executive (VP/CNE)N/A
203-22Ward Clerk - Temporary Part Time (Emergency)N/A
201-22Ward Clerk - Temporary Part Time (F-Wing/ICU)N/A
185-22Director - Full-time (Health Informatics)N/A
147-22Ward Clerk - Temporary Part Time (F-Wing/ICU)N/A
126-22Dietary Aide - Temporary Part-time (Food Services)N/A
110-22Physio/Occupational Therapy Assistant - Casual (Physiotherapy)N/A
092-22Operating Room Technical Aide - Temporary Part Time (Operating Room)N/A
050-22Occupational Therapist - Casual (Occupational Therapy)N/A
038-22Physician Assistant - Temporary Full Time (Complex Continuing Care, Palliative Care, Rehab)N/A
028-22Aide - Temporary Part-time (Housekeeping)N/A
027-22Aide - Temporary Part-time (Housekeeping)N/A
692-21Occupational Therapist - Temporary Full-Time (Occupational Therapy)N/A
662-21Multi-Skilled Worker - Temporary Full Time (Emergency)N/A
528-21Respiratory Therapist - Casual (Respiratory Therapy)N/A
527-21Respiratory Therapist - Casual (Respiratory Therapy)N/A
448-21Respiratory Therapist - Casual (Respiratory Therapy)N/A
447-21Respiratory Therapist - Casual (Respiratory Therapy)N/A

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